Create Your Own Custom Cookbook

How many hundreds of beautifully photographed and wonderfully written recipes do you have on your blog -- just sitting there?
Why not use them to create your own custom cookbook?



Your cookbook can be anything you want it to be:

  • You have an amazing Weekly Meal Plan Program that takes the guesswork out of how to shop, cook, plan, and help your followers stay healthy while navigating their way around the kitchen.
  • You make great pizza like no one else.
  • Your tacos are out of this world.
  • You create easy menus from pantry staples.
  • You bake the best-ever gluten-free cakes and cookies.
  • You have a full-proof way to make perfect chicken every time – with different seasonings that make the home chef feel like an international chef.
  • You have great side dishes for the holidays that become family traditions year after year.

No matter what you decide, cookbooks are kept, saved, and used over and over again. They’re passed down, hold a place in “the library,” or on the cookbook shelf – and cookbooks are referred to hundreds of times. They last.

Another great thing about creating your own cookbook? YOU are in charge. Not the publisher. Not the editor. Not the printer. Not the distributor. YOU.



With traditional publishing, you’re paid a specific advance and that’s about it. Unless you’re Ina or Emeril, you’re likely not to see the type of financial rewards you would like or expect to receive for your work.

When self-publishing with us, you set the price of the book, the tone, the style, the artwork – and you receive 100% of the profits.  There are NO royalties.



If you publish through Amazon, they are in control of your book and your pricing: AMAZON TAKES 60% ROYALTY! When selling your book on your website, or in other stores, it must match the price you list it for on Amazon. (But get this: Amazon can undercut your price.) Plus, you are in control: When a customer orders from you, YOU have your customer’s email address. When they order from Amazon, they’re Amazon’s customer.

Want to know another way to generate revenue from your cookbook? SELL ADS.

In addition to selling your cookbook, you can also have a brand sponsor a recipe – or several recipes, you can also create an opportunity for TOTAL SPONSORSHIP of your cookbook. Often, the sponsor/advertiser fee can pay for the entire print run.    



And since cookbooks are kept... unlike a social media post, you can charge a premium.  Another idea to generate revenue is to include redeemable coupons and/or discount codes for products from you or your sponsors.



Every cookbook has its own style and personality. Share yours.


You can also create a great course workbook or planner:




Finally, aside from selling your cookbook, they are great for creating brand awareness and building your identity: they’re also great giveaways and gifts your followers and customers will appreciate.

These two moms started out with one cookbook. They’ve built an empire:



It’s time to get started. Here’s what’s included in your cookbook:

  • Full-color dividers:  standard or tabbed dividers. 
  • Choose your paper stock, card stock, and ink colors. 
  • Choose black & white or full color.
  • Binding Styles: 
    • Perfect Bound (Paperback) 
    • Spiral Bound
    • Comb Bound with hard or soft cover with an option to print on the spine
    • 3-Ring Hard Cover Binder with optional padding – a great option for planners, courses, and of course cookbooks.

Create a fully customized cookbook with your choice of 96, 128, or 160 pages.  Whether you choose spiral, comb or choose a Perfect Bound (Paperback style), it’s time to put your ideas, recipes, and brand in the hands of your customers and followers.

It's easy to order:

  • Select a style and page count.
  • We'll send you the template.
  • You drop in your recipes and photos.
  • We print and ship it to you or your mailing house.*

*For those who don’t want to turn your dining room table into a mailing facility, contact us to show you how you set up shipping to your customers so you can get on with what you do best: CREATE. 

And… if you’re interested in creating your own line of spices or another product, get in touch – that’s easy, too.



To learn more and get started, contact us for prices, info, and templates.

If you are a food blogger or small business start-up and want to learn how to create, market, sell, and ship your products, from your own line of spices to food storage solutions and more, visit: Private Label Brand Academy to schedule a chat.

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