• Sep 25, 2017



By Barbara Hobart


Whether you're a real estate broker, financial planner, own a car dealership, restaurant, or hardware store, no matter what line of business you're in -- no one knows your business or your customers like you do.  But often, it's difficult to get your message to stand out amid the clutter and competition. 


HomePlates gets it.  


And we get that no two companies are alike... even if they're in the same industry.  For instance, some real estate brokers may focus on first-time buyers, while others may have clients that are empty-nesters looking to downsize, and there are agents who specialize in working with buyers looking to purchase a second home. That's why you need consistent, personalized marketing materials that reflect your brand. Your message.



There was a time when only the "big guys" could afford to reach customers through expensive marketing and ad campaigns. Those days are gone. It's now possible for every company to engage their customers in a meaningful way with custom products that reflect their brand. 


HomePlates has worked with hundreds of companies large and small to help them achieve the recognition and response they deserve. 


Here's what co-owner Lindzi Shanks of XO MARSHMALLOW had to say:


“If you're going to spend money on marketing or advertising, why not do it with branded products? Every time a customer orders a drink from us and leaves the cafe, they become a walking advertisement for us by holding our cups. Plus, customers enjoy photographing our branded items to post to social media which brings us more customers. For us, it's 100% worth the investment.”



Contact HomePlates now and let's work together to elevate your brand.  And don't forget to ask about our other products that also make an impact on your brand identity – instantly.


To see the cups featured in the video, click here


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